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El Sistema centre is a place where El Sistema values are nurtured, and its goals are being achieved – it is a safe space, the place of fun, joy and friendships. It is also a place where students get the support to explore, and fulfil their potentials, and where they feel like valuable members of the community within and beyond the “nucleus”.

Centres in Serbia, and in other places around the world, work according to he highest principles and values of the El Sistema, constantly seeking to change lives of all members of the community, whose lives they are enriching.

A productive and motivating environment, which is created by teachers, students, parents, volunteers and the whole local community, is crucial for children’s progress, and the success of the programme.

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Music of Hope programs rely on mutual values and principles


Social change

The El Sistema program operates with the system of concentric circles, where the beginning of the change in the behavior of the children, which changes his family, then the broader community and then the society.

The pursuit of musical excellence contributes to the process of change, which in turn leads to transformation of the society.



1. Respect for human rights

2. Social responsibility

3. Strengthening the spirit

4. Believing in the young

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