Erasmus+ project „Pinocchio joins the orchestra“


Music Art Project took part in the three-year Erasmus+ project titled “Pinocchio joins the orchestra”, executed in cooperation with elementary and music schools in Serbia. Beside our organization, this cultural exchange program included participants like Municipality of Santa Maria de Feira in Portugal, Belgian Open Street AISBL project, Instituto Comprensivo Liana Strenta Tongiorgi and the National Foundation Carlo Collodi from Italy.

Pinocchio is one of the most famous, most read stories in the world. The exciting adventures of this wooden puppet symbolize the way to self-awareness and finding its place in the world. He visits many interesting places during his voyages, meets with different characters and through experiences gained learns all the differences that make this world rich, beautiful and interesting, as well at that each of us carries a whole range of good and bad qualities that need to be recognized and accepted in order to live in harmony with ourselves and with the world.

With this project “Pinocchio joins the orchestra“, we would like to build a unique inclusive cultural education program that stimulates curiosity, attention, solidarity with others in young participants, arouse interest in technological innovations and a desire to participate in the research of innovative education systems. In order to achieve such an ambitious goal we rely on the universal language of music that speaks directly to the heart and has the power to bridge the differences and language barriers among the participants. Harmony in orchestral music is made up of different voices and instruments which together with our participants and their individuality contribute to the richness, color and beauty of sound.


This project has three main goals.

  1. To use musical ensembles and the universal language of music as a means of social inclusion and placing them in the places where they most often meet to interline different cultures – on the streets and street festivals all over Europe, we want to show that a musical ensemble is not just a set of instruments and voices, but a way socialization and harmonious coexistence.
  2. Innovative digital platforms and technology tools may be of great use in educational systems as they encourage co-operation, integration of different social and cultural environments and the interaction between them, allowing users to exchange and complement their knowledge and skills. For this reason, a digital platform has been created for the project needs, where participants will compose and write the original musical works and then perform them.
  3. Creation of a professional teachers training program in the field of social inclusion and usage of digital technologies, led by international instructors, would enable teachers to become and remain recognized as central figures of social development and their students self-awareness development.


The following schools have joined the project Erasmus+ “Pinocchio” in Serbia so far:

MS „Isidor Bajić“, Novi Sad

PS „Dušan Radović“, Novi Sad

MS „Stanković“, Belgrade

MS „Milenko Živković“, Paracin

MS „Stevan Mokranjac“, Vranje