Our mission

Music Art Project (MAP) is an organization founded in 2010 with the mission to provide its contribution to the long-term development of the social community and culture in Serbia, through quality and innovative music education programs and cooperation with players from other artistic areas. Our goal is to make quality music education available to each child, regardless of its social and economic status, thus providing everyone with adequate conditions for growth and development. By creating a righteous future and equal opportunities for success in all areas, we raise new generations of creative leaders who rely on their own abilities and on each other.

Music Art Project uses music as a way to stimulate the overall personal growth and development of children and young people, not just the development of their music skills. Good music education should achieve, through the joy of music and socializing, that children develop:
–  Creativity, curiosity, responsibility and perseverance;
–  Self-confidence and self-esteem;
–  Motivation to strive to and achieve success by personal commitment and effort;
– Better personal relationships within the family, and later within the wider community;
– Social responsibility, sense of community belonging, team spirit, empathy;
– Ability to actively listen, provide and receive constructive criticism and respect the opinions and diversity of others;
– Ability of critical and analytical thinking, providing better results which directly impacts school and life after school.

Why music?

H. K. Andersen once said: “Where words fail, the music speaks”, describing the power of music as means of communication between people. This universal language enables the human heart to express everything that can’t be expressed in words – emotions, desires, aspirations, fears, hopes.
To deal with music at such a high level, a great deal of courage and self-acceptance is required, because the music we create to a listener reveals everything about us, but also a lot about the listener – if one can learn to listen.

A great number of studies express the positive impact of music on the child development on multiple levels. Simply listening to a particular type of music will contribute to and enhance a wide range of cognitive and emotional abilities, and at the same time will reduce the level of stress and tension, while developing specific musical skills may have a far greater and more comprehensive impact on the development of child’s potentials.
Instrument performing arts represent one of the most complex psycho-physical activities. Playing an instrument requires extreme sensory-motor accuracy and coordination of movements with cognitive and emotional processes, taking place simultaneously. Therefore, a special attention is
paid to the harmonious development of child’s personal capacities and its musical abilities, since these two aspects of the personality are very closely permeated during the musical performance.

Another important factor of music as a “resource” influencing the development of personal, first of all, social capacities of an individual is playing music in a group. Children who play music in orchestras and choirs share the opportunity to socialize with their age-mates who have common
goals and interests, making them perfect teams in that way. Orchestras and choirs represent small societies, where each individual contributes to the creation of perfect harmony and the beauty of existence by its unique personality.